Brendan Ravenhill: New Lighting Designs

Brendan Ravenhill: New Lighting Designs
June 14 - July 20, 2014
Opens: Saturday, June 14th, 6-9pm during Chinatown Summer Nights 
Reception: Saturday, June 28th, 6-9pm during Chinatown Design Night in conjunction with the Los Angeles Design Festival 

Brendan Ravenhill

Fifth Floor Gallery is proud to present the recent work of Los Angeles based designer, Brendan Ravenhill. Brendan Ravenhill Studio specializes in furniture, lighting, and product design and this exhibition will focus on their line of lighting, featuring brand new designs from the Grain, Cord and Pivot families. The show begins on Saturday, June 14th which coincides with this year's first Chinatown Summer Nights event and a reception will follow two weeks later on June 28th in conjunction with the closing party of the Los Angeles Design Festival.

Brendan Ravenhill's designs strike a rare balance between material, function, and form, creating work devoid of excess and ornament, while exhibiting a logical celebration of physics, material, and craft. Their pieces celebrate equally the material and processes of production, allowing the beauty inherent in the fabrication methods to shine through.

The Cord Family exhibits the beauty of form, informed by physics. The series began as an exercise to simplify Jean Prouvé's classic Potence Lamp by utilizing the fixture's electrical cord in place of the guy wire. The result is a pleasing symmetry between the structural members whereby the electrical cord serves a dual purpose, both holding aloft and powering the custom ceramic socket.

The Grain Family of pendants feature a spun metal shade which are formed over a wooden pattern. Normally sanded to a smooth finish to hide the material of the pattern, the studio invented a process to celebrate the tooling mark left behind by sandblasting it to further expose the wood grain which allows its texture to imprint itself onto the finished shade. The wood grain becomes a focal point of the design and the method of its creation are recorded on its surface. After each run of 25 parts the tool is sandblasted again, exposing fresh grain and slowly eroding the wooden form gradually changing each unique lamp.

Finally, the Pivot Family gets its name from the adjustability of its own spun aluminum shade where the geometry of the shade is designed to reflect the vectors of the supporting structure. The cast collar is a complex but essential component, providing an elegant transition from each shade to the more delicate lines of its supporting arm.

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