Chinatown League of Ultimate Benevolence

Chinatown League of Ultimate Benevolence
Bettina Hubby
Reception: Saturday, June 13 from 6-9pm at Fifth Floor Gallery
May 30 - July 18

Fifth Floor Gallery is pleased to present, Chinatown League of Ultimate Benevolence (or C.L.U.B. for short), a collaboration between Los Angeles based artist, Bettina Hubby, and Fifth Floor Gallery. Part store, part art exhibit, the show will feature a number of limited edition objects designed and made by Bettina Hubby and Fifth Floor Gallery owner, Robert Apodaca.

"Tourists have always flocked to Chinatown in Los Angeles. This is a part of our town that is a stylized version of China, but is also where Chinese people live and work and where Chinese associations and the occasional mahjong parlor still exists. It's a neighborhood that has seen boom and bust many times since its construction in the 1950s. Art Galleries moved in to the neighborhood in the late 1990s and Hubby was one of its gallerinas, who socialized in its midst and befriended the locals who were rightly suspicious of the art movement that pushed through their foo dog flanked portals and took root. The energy of the art world there has ebbed and flowed, but art remains and so the cohabitation of this Chinese community and the art world continues.

This show, or shop, is our secret society that exists to observe this union of happenstance. It is a facade of a club, and an occasion to celebrate the comingling of the real and the unreal that make up Chinatown and its mother city. The idea of the facade is intrinsic to Los Angeles, as is belonging to its various inner circles. This is a club to honor the facade and the real of Chinatown, L.A. and belonging to this club is as easy as showing up or buying its merch. This is how you make your way into the C.L.U.B., and the carpet rolls out to you as soon as you take home its logo. Welcome to the CHINATOWN LEAGUE OF ULTIMATE BENEVOLENCE. All are welcomed ~ no membership required." -Bettina Hubby

Bettina Hubby earned her MFA in 1995 from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her practice is wide-ranging, encompassing curatorial and project-based work, along side more traditional media such as collage, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography. With projects that engage diverse communities and often exist in settings that challenge the conventions of exhibition spaces, Hubby's work celebrates collaboration and resists easy categorization.


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