Holiday Craft Month Party

Holiday Craft Month Party
Saturday, November 22, 7-9pm

Holiday Craft Month Party

Join us in Chinatown Saturday night for our Holiday Craft Month Party on November 22nd from 7-10pm! As an interactive treat, ceramic artist, Kristen Erickson, will invite visitors to participate in a communal craft project right here in the gallery. It is a ceramic totem that will reveal contrasting designs as visitors carve their own patterns into the piece, which she will later fire in her kiln.

On the mezzanine we will showcase new work by local artists and designers for the Holiday Season. Elyse Graham will debut her colorful new resin mirrors along with other new plaster and resin vessels. We'll also have work from Brendan Sowersby of 100 X BTR, wall hangings by Tanya Aguiniga and will proudly introduce work from artist, Erin Althea's new brand, LOVEQUARRY.

Of course we'll be serving our traditional hot apple cider but this year we'll also be adding some delicious holiday cocktails. I know you're saying, "But we haven't even made it through Thanksgiving yet!" however, that doesn't mean we can't get a jump on the Holidays!

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