Panel Discussion on Emotive Artwork

Panel Discussion on Emotive Artwork

Sunday, June 7th, 2pm

Kiss Me Installation View, Katrin Jurati

Katrin Jurati's exhibition "Kiss Me" will conclude on June 7th with a panel discussion on Emotive Artwork at 2pm. The discussion will feature Marc Herbst, Katrin Jurati, Vanessa Place, Matias Viegener and it will be moderated by Teresa Carmody. To begin and end the discussion, Cara Baldwin researches and transcribes historical markers of subjectivity for a video with Katrin Jurati, bidding "Kiss Me" adieu.

Teresa Carmody will listen, repeat, reframe, and ask one or the other to respond to one and another. Carmody is a writer, editor and co-director of Les Figues Press.

Marc Herbst will discuss 7 emotialities that lead towards greater human health. He will discuss in some detail the space between individual and collective emotion and will end his short presentation with a discussion of the link between economic and climate changes and the potential for emotive arts. Herbst is an artist and writer who works individually and collectively as a co-editor of the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest.

Katrin Jurati will discuss feelings of adoration, boundarylessness, conceit, desolation, dislocation, enclosure, isolation, loss, need, oppression, outerbodyness, playfulness, regalness, resistance, reverence, schizophrenia, self denial, shame, trauma, and visceralness within the public sphere of video, art, and theoretical writing. She is an artist whose exhibition, ”Kiss Me” will serve as a jumping off point for discussion.

Vanessa Place will address absence as presence and how conceptual practices enact a hysterical demand on the viewer while engaging in a surface suppression of that demand. Place is a writer, a lawyer, and co-director of Les Figues Press.

Matias Viegener will discuss the relationship between conceptual artmaking and emotive content. At core a kind of "aesthetics of administration" rather than creative subjectivity or expression, conceptual work sets up a paradigm or hypothesis and then follows it through with some kind of systematization. He intends to question how structure does or does not hold emotion. Viegener is a writer and artist who teaches at CalArts. When he is not working in his capacity as one of the three founders of Fallen Fruit he is tending to his ailing dog, Peggy.


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