So Happy Together

So Happy Together
L.A. Box Collective Debut Exhibition
June 12th - August 29th, 2010

BoxCo Installation View

Fifth Floor Gallery is pleased to present “So Happy Together” the debut exhibition of the L.A. Box Collective. The 12 strong, L.A. Box Collective, is a newly formed group of Los Angeles-based professional furniture designers and makers committed to environmentally-conscious design and production.  While working in various modern styles, the individual furniture makers that make up BoxCo are collectively devoted to fine craftsmanship, sound design, and the use of long-lasting, reclaimed, and other sustainable materials. The group has come together to showcase what Los Angeles has to offer in the way of beautiful design, crafted locally and sustainably, and ultimately to encourage buyers to look for the “Made in Southern California” stamp.  The members of the collective are Cliff Spencer Furniture, Sidecar Furniture, caseandgrain, whyrHymer, Robert Apodaca, Stranger Furniture, Edward Pine Stevens, Riiska Design, and Topher Paterno.

Sustainability is not a new idea but the imperative to live a sustainable life is. We are radically rewinding our approach to a time when value was placed on fine craftsmanship, long-lasting materials and sound design. Looking forward, we value the precious materials that our society wastes.  – from L.A. Box Collective mission statement

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