Works of Paper

Works of Paper
Dameon Lester
January 10th - February 7th, 2009

Dameon Lester, Works of Paper
Fifth Floor Gallery is pleased to present Dameon Lester's, Works of Paper. Lester is a Long Beach based artist working primarily in sculpture. During the last 15 years he has traveled internationally in his studies and exhibited work in numerous galleries across the US. His art is a result of his interest in how nature and human nature come to terms with each other.

Works of Paper presents a series of Lester's sculptural work as well as a very recent foray into exhibited drawings. The sculptures are biomorphic forms made of compressed paper pulp. The drawings in turn are derived from the concept sketches of the sculptural forms but are rendered by laser engraving into the first few layers of the mounted paper. The drawings also take on a more intimate sculptural quality as they occupy the highly compressed but still three dimensional space of the first few hundredths of an inch of the paper on panel. Both the drawings and sculptures represent the often endearing forms derived from Lester's generative, synthetic evolutionary cycles. Both playfully juggle natural and man-made materials as well as manufactured and hand-made processes.
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