Dolly at Desert X

Clarke and I were able to head out to the desert for a quick Joshua Tree camping trip to catch a glimpse of the wildflower superbloom and Desert X, an art exhibition with installations scattered throughout the Palm Springs area. There was no way we could visit all of the installations, but here are some of the highlights!

At White Water Nature Preserve we saw an abundance of flowers and an installation by Sherin Gurguis called One I Call. This form is modeled after a pigeon tower where homing pigeons would fly in and out of. For me, it really looks like some kind of insect hive, but maybe that's because we passed a buzzing bee hive on the walk up to this piece. Regardless, it was a very cool piece that bridged between sculpture and architecture.

The Circle of Land and Sky by Philip K Smith is a series of mirrored columns arranged in a circle. It's a mesmerizing play of reflection, light and shadow.

My favorite by far was Curves and Zigzags by Claudia Comte. It's Op-Art in three dimensions. The wall morphs from straight sections to curved just as the graphic changes from zigzags to waves. It was striking installation set against the desert backdrop. The installations are up until April 30th. I highly recommend making the trek out into the desert!



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