Falling Water

Falling Water in the Snow
Our main objective while visiting Pittsburgh was to scratch this architectural masterpiece off of our bucket list. Falling Water was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1936. By the time our two-hour tour was concluded the forest was dusted with a covering of freshly falling snow. The flakes created an atmospheric effect that further caused the house to recede into its natural surroundings. Definitely a beautiful sight and it provided for an image of this house slightly different than the usual.

Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright
This is the view as you approach the house from the road leading up to it. Unfortunately there are no photos allowed inside the house during the tour. I can assure you the details and materials are even more impressive inside.

Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright
This is the view from the bridge you cross over the creek leading to the entrance. It must have been nice for the Kaufmann Family, for whom the house was built, to have such a nice summer home. You can see, below the lower terrace, the deck which hovers just over the water's surface, certainly a perfect spot to sit and get your feet wet.

The lightly falling snowflakes quieted the sounds of the forest and made for a stillness that helped us appreciate the beauty of how this house was designed. Until the next architectural adventure, see you next time!



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