Same Space, New Face

A.G. Geiger Facade

I may be in Philly but now Fifth Floor Gallery is back in L.A.! We're inside the newly opened A.G. Geiger bookstore in Chinatown L.A. You'll recognize our old space but inside you'll meet proprietor, Michael Delgado, whose bookstore's name comes from the the classic film noir movie, "The Big Sleep".  A striking new mural on the facade beckons you to enter and see what's in back.

Opened on May 28, 2016, A.G. Geiger specializes in contemporary California artists. Presenting a carefully curated collection of rare exhibition catalogs, monographs and fine art books, A.G. Geiger celebrates the continuing contribution to world culture by artists based in the Golden State. 

Fifth Floor is carrying on its tradition of showcasing artists and designers from California and beyond with a curated selection of items within the bookstore. You'll still find most of our selection here on this website but if you like to try before you buy, you can always see what we've got inside the A.G. Geiger bookstore. They are open Thursday to Sunday, 1-6pm.

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